Turning Manager into Leaders

175 Minute Course - Broken Down Into Eight Modules

There are very few great “leaders” in this world because we train people to be “managers”. Managing is about process and leading is about people, so this session will help people make the transition to a great leader. It is impossible to have a service culture unless you have leaders who are trained to lead people in that culture. We will provide suggestions on how we can change your behavior just slightly, to greatly impact the people you lead. This session is a must for a strong organization culture, and is targeted toward anyone, from any industry, who is in a supervisory role or wants to be. Certificates of Completion provided to all students who complete the course. 

Here is What Clients Are Saying

“The Focus Leadership Development Certificate Program is, by far, the best leadership training that I have ever attended. I have been attending leadership training for over 30 years (over 200 hours) and this two-day program is the best training by far.”

Rick Hill – former Public Works Director, Swinomish Indian Tribal Community

“Great program! Brad was precise and clear, giving us the tools to use on a daily basis, at work and in our personal lives. It was very engaging, and I loved every moment of the two days. Learning the coaching process was a very valuable tool as well. Thank you Brad!”

Vanna Barger – Administrative Assistant, Eastern Shawnee Tribe Gaming

“I was so excited to attend this training, as I have been listening to Brad’s free monthly teleseminars for over a year. As an individual who was promoted to a supervisor position and never held that type of roll previously, I immediately asked HR for direction – they led me to you! It has been the best direction for me and I have learned to become a stronger leader over the last year. This week just took me to another level on learning, to become an even stronger leader. Thank you Brad for sharing your knowledge, and in my personal experience, for being a fantastic mentor and instructor.”

Nicki Lawson – PBX Supervisor, Indigo Sky Casino

“This training has provided me with a huge number of tools to use, not only in my professional life, but to carry over into my personal life as well. The seminars we experienced over the last two days have filled in a lot of blanks for me from previous leadership training with other companies. I know that what I am taking away from this program will turn me into a stronger leader. I will definitely recommend this training to anyone who is considering the opportunity!”

Sarah North – Surveillance Shift Lead, Eastern Shawnee Tribe Gaming 

“What a great eye-opener. At the start of the training, Brad asked if I trained by leadership (instead of “managing”) and I said “Yes”. After the training, I realized that I did not – I will recommend this training to all managers, as well as employees. Thank you for such a great opportunity to grow as a leader.”  

Nelson Handcock – Surveillance Shift Lead, Eastern Shawnee Tribe Gaming 

Highlights of the Course Curriculum (175 Minutes)

Module 1 (16 Minutes): The "Profit Chain," definition of employee engagement, employee engagement results and top engagement opportunities.

Module 2 (31 Minutes): What employees respect about leaders, aligning your workforce, identifying and eliminating customer and employee pain points.

Module 3 (27 Minutes): Managing your time, priorities, productivity, relationships, meetings and emotions.

Module 4 (23 Minutes): Self-assessing the 22 characteristics of a great leader, all eyes on the leader and the differences between "managers" and "leaders."

Module 5 (20 Minutes): Reactive vs. proactive leadership, building independence & not dependence, plus rethinking your role as a leader.

Module 6 (14 Minutes): Powerful decision making, clearly defined boundaries, what leadership behaviors build trust, what leadership behaviors erode trust, plus if you want to increase productivity, you must increase accountability.

Module 7 (18 Minutes): Proper delegating, if you don't delegate, what message are you sending your employees, being clear about what you can and cannot delegate, plus accepting a certain amount of failure.

Module 8 (26 Minutes): Motivating employees, transforming employees, top four motivators, top four de-motivators, employee basic needs, guidelines for motivation, mentoring, weekly praise list, plus weekly thank you notes.

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