How to Coach Your

Employees, Peers & Supervisor

107 Minute Course - Broken Down Into Eight Modules

There is a huge difference between training and coaching, so this session will teach you the technical process of personal coaching. Coaching is a gentler form of communication that can get employees to do the things you have been asking them to do and help them gain respect for you in the process. Coaching is about self-discovery and allowing employees to come up with their own answers to questions and solutions to problems. Coaching can increase employee productivity by as much as 300%, so the coaching process is very powerful. This session is targeted to anyone, from any industry, who is in a supervisory role.  Certificates of Completion provided to all students who complete the course. 

Here is What Clients Are Saying

“This program has opened my eyes on how I can approach situations at work in a more positive way. You have provided me with new leadership tools I can use. The class was up-beat and full of information – thanks!

Mark Sanders – Security Supervisor, Indigo Sky Casino

“Being in the gaming industry for 12 years and going to several training programs, this by far, opened my eyes to a leader within myself that I did not know I had. Thank you so much for giving me the tools to help my leadership skills at work, as well as in my personal life.”

Wendi Long – Marketing Manager, Indigo Sky Casino

“Most trainings over two-hours can’t hold my attention. However, these sessions held my attention the entire time. There are many tools I will take back and implement at work and at home.”

Amber Graham – Deputy Gaming Commissioner, Eastern Shawnee Tribe Gaming

“This leadership program was so wonderful! I learned so much. I really love how you can apply this knowledge to your personal life as well. I will be bringing my new knowledge home and share it with my husband.”

Amanda Wallace – Licensing Agent, Eastern Shawnee Tribe Gaming

“This program offered a very unique perspective on leadership, guest service and coaching. It is also applicable and useful in my personal life, as well as creating a productive business. I enjoyed the experience!”

Rachel Worley, Eastern Shawnee Tribe Gaming Commission

Highlights of the Course Curriculum (107 Minutes)

Module 1 (21 Minutes): Coaching vs. training, what coaching is, what is coaching is not, defining the coaching process, coaching vs. counseling and 22 roles of a coach.

Module 2 (15 Minutes): Coaches helping people set SMART goals, Keeping people focused on their goals, the six most common pitfalls for the person being coached, when coaching will not work, level 3 listening and if failure should occur

Module 3 (9 Minutes): Coaching up, observed behaviors, offering resources, coaching up dialogue, open and honest communication, they may be wired that way and how praise breeds change.

Module 4 (9 Minutes): Silence is golden, the truth, confidentiality and staying alert to the Gremlin's voice.

Module 5 (12 Minutes): Story telling, the curiosity muscle, permission to offer input, trapped perspective, powerful questions and accountability.

Module 6 (10 Minutes): The intake session and session planning.

Module 7 (13 Minutes): Five roles of a coach: pathfinder, clarifier, facilitator, reflector and gold miner.

Module 8 (18 Minutes): Intention questions, inquiry questions, trigger questions, metaphors and coaching questions based on values.

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