Self-Management: Increasing

Efficiency & Productivity

45 Minute Course - Broken Down Into Two Modules

As leaders of people, you should never attempt to “manage” or “boss” other people. However, there is one person that needs to be managed and that is ourselves. Self-management is a critical component to not just being a great leader of people, but being a great employee, significant other, parent or friend. Learn the parts of our lives that need to be managed on an hourly and daily basis to help us be more successful. Manage your self-image, stress, time, meetings, energy, priorities, emotions, fears, communication and more. Learn the secrets to having an extraordinary and stress-free job and life. Certificates of Completion provided to all students who complete the course. 

Here is What Clients Are Saying

“You never heard such grumbling when it was announced we would be having a speaker come to our hospital and discuss customer service with all staff. “Oh, no. Here we go again!” Everyone was pleasantly surprised by Brad’s entertaining, get-to-the-point presentation, and all in two hours! I did not hear one negative comment, but much positive feedback.”

Cyndy Vollmer, Director of Human Resources , Southern Coos Health District


“We have been working with Brad for a couple years now. He has assisted us at the ownership level and with our team leaders. The speaking events are always looked forward to by our team, they are high energy and positive. His speaking visits have really helped get everyone back on the same page and motivated. He has also done private counseling with us as owners. This has been extremely helpful in setting up strategic planning sessions, creating Core Values, Mission Statement and really setting the whole year’s agenda up with a purpose. I would highly recommend businesses of all sizes to invite him in to share his insight and strategies. I feel we are a better, more focused and more cohesive business since we started using his services.”

Michael Porter - Owner, Greenwood Heating and As You Wish Electric

“Many of our clients have asked us to recommend a great speaker to help communicate their brand message to their team members. Until now I have never felt 100% confident about making a recommendation. I had the pleasure of attending one of Brad’s seminars and it was unbelievably engaging, motivating, inspiring and fun. Hands down, the best I’ve ever attended! If you need a great speaker for your event, you don’t need to look any further, Brad will make it amazing and the halo from it will make your organization better.”

Ric Militi, CEO and Creative Director, InnoVision Marketing Group

“Brad is not your typical motivational speaker! His seminar was fantastic – I was engaged the entire time and appreciated the authentic and real-life examples he shared with us. His inspirational stories are also relatable, and my team and I felt compelled to share what he spoke about with the rest of our company. I have already referred him to a few of my industry colleagues and clients. I was completely impressed and cannot wait to hear more from him. I highly recommend Brad for any company looking to motivate and inspire their employees!”

Amber George, Media Director, InnoVision Marketing Group

Highlights of the Course Curriculum (45 Minutes)

Module 1 (25 Minutes): How to manage your self-image, stress, time, meetings and energy.

Module 2 (20 Minutes): How to manage your priorities, emotions, fears, image conscious communication and your dialogue (vs. your monologue).

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