Leadership Development Certificate Program

590 Minute Course - Broken Down into 32 Modules

This incredible life-changing program is comprised of our four comprehensive leadership courses titled "Simple Steps to an Extraordinary Career & Life," "Turning Managers into Leaders," How to Coach Your Employees, Peers & Supervisor" and finally "Conversational Charisma: Mastering Communication & Relationships." This is one of the most powerful and transformational leadership programs in the world. It will turn mediocre "managers" into great "leaders" and create great human beings in the process. This is a must for anyone currently in a leadership role, or wanting to move into a leadership role.

Here is what clients are saying about this program

“Extraordinary and Enlightening! Not only does Brad bring professional development to the table but personal as well. If you are an executive looking for focused leadership training for your team this one is for you. We look forward to working with Brad again in the near future.”

Melanie Chase - General Manager, Indigo Sky Casino


“Best training I have ever attended on leadership! I learned a lot about myself and how to understand others. I cannot wait to share this information with all of our employees to increase and improve self-growth and communication. Thank you! Thank you!”

Jalene Wells – Gaming Commissioner, Eastern Shawnee Tribe Gaming


This program was a tremendous learning experience. One of the few trainings that I have been to that I actually enjoyed and learned something. I hope to practice what I have learned to become a better supervisor and employee. I’ve also learned some ideas for what I can incorporate into my family life and relationship. Thanks for the awesome opportunity!”

Angela Ruiz – EGM Supervisor, Eastern Shawnee Tribe Gaming


“Totally life changing! Brad has given me the tools to not only succeed in my career, but also in my personal life as well. I will be able to take the knowledge to my employees and help them on the betterment of their careers. Brad has non-stop energy and is full of life! The group coaching work is something that you can apply right away! I cannot wait to attend future seminars of Brad’s”

Josh Paschke – Poker Shift Manager, Downstream Casino and Resort

"Amazing experience! Every person in a management position should take this program. It has changed the way I look at how I coach my employees and how to communicate with them. You will walk away a much better leader.”

Jose Miquel Gomez – Steak House manager, Downstream Casino and Resort


Great program! Brad was precise and clear, giving us the tools to use on a daily basis, at work and in our personal lives. It was very engaging, and I loved every moment of the two days. Learning the coaching process was a very valuable tool as well. Thank you Brad and Melanie!”

Vanna Barger – Administrative Assistant, Eastern Shawnee Tribe Gaming

Highlights of the Program Curriculum (590 Minutes)

Simple Steps to an Extraordinary Career & Life (176 Minutes)

Module 1 (42 Minutes): What gives you and drains you of energy, What you want and don't want in relationships, disempowering thoughts, the Reticular Activating System which impacts your listening and learning.

Module 2 (21 Minutes): 12 areas of life to keep in balance, your dreams and desires, the three levels of desire and what is "most" important, plus the two motivators,

Module 3 (26 Minutes): Defining the emotional motivators, understanding fear, how to manage fear, self-worth, our primal fears and the paralysis of victimization.

Module 4 (14 Minutes): Your inner saboteur or "Gremlin," identifying the Gremlin's voice and learning to manage the Gremlin, so it does not continue to manage you.

Module 5 (23 Minutes): Taking control of the Gremlin, Rewriting your internal script, energy givers & vampires, defining the perfect friend and defining non-negotiables.

Module 6 (15 Minutes): Setting S.M.A.R.T. goals, goals require clarity, getting off of cruise control and creating a specific plan of action for achieving your desires.

Module 7 (19 Minutes): Disempowering language, two psychological motivators, life is all about choices, and identifying "symptoms" vs. "problems."

Module 8 (16 Minutes): Does your past influence your future, we take ourselves wherever we go, your values and rebranding yourself on the inside and out.

Turning Manager into Leaders (175 Minutes)

Module 1 (16 Minutes): The "Profit Chain," definition of employee engagement, employee engagement results and top engagement opportunities.

Module 2 (31 Minutes): What employees respect about leaders, aligning your workforce, identifying and eliminating customer and employee pain points.

Module 3 (27 Minutes): Managing your time, priorities, productivity, relationships, meetings and emotions.

Module 4 (23 Minutes): Self-assessing the 22 characteristics of a great leader, all eyes on the leader and the differences between "managers" and "leaders."

Module 5 (20 Minutes): Reactive vs. proactive leadership, building independence & not dependence, plus rethinking your role as a leader.

Module 6 (14 Minutes): Powerful decision making, clearly defined boundaries, what leadership behaviors build trust, what leadership behaviors erode trust, plus if you want to increase productivity, you must increase accountability.

Module 7 (18 Minutes): Proper delegating, if you don't delegate, what message are you sending your employees, being clear about what you can and cannot delegate, plus accepting a certain amount of failure.

Module 8 (26 Minutes): Motivating employees, transforming employees, top four motivators, top four de-motivators, employee basic needs, guidelines for motivation, mentoring, weekly praise list, plus weekly thank you notes.

How to Coach Your Employees, Peers & Supervisor (107 Minutes)

Module 1 (21 Minutes): Coaching vs. training, what coaching is, what is coaching is not, defining the coaching process, coaching vs. counseling and 22 roles of a coach.

Module 2 (15 Minutes): Coaches helping people set SMART goals, Keeping people focused on their goals, the six most common pitfalls for the person being coached, when coaching will not work, level 3 listening and if failure should occur

Module 3 (9 Minutes): Coaching up, observed behaviors, offering resources, coaching up dialogue, open and honest communication, they may be wired that way and how praise breeds change.

Module 4 (9 Minutes): Silence is golden, the truth, confidentiality and staying alert to the Gremlin's voice.

Module 5 (12 Minutes): Story telling, the curiosity muscle, permission to offer input, trapped perspective, powerful questions and accountability.

Module 6 (10 Minutes): The intake session and session planning.

Module 7 (13 Minutes): Five roles of a coach: pathfinder, clarifier, facilitator, reflector and gold miner.

Module 8 (18 Minutes): Intention questions, inquiry questions, trigger questions, metaphors and coaching questions based on values.

Conversational Charisma: Mastering Communication & Relationships (132 Minutes)

Module 1 (15 Minutes): 5 conditions to being a great communicator, three primary learning styles and embracing the differences between left and right brain people.

Module 2 (16 Minutes): The communication filtering process, voice inflection and timing, active listening, using listening statements, body language and retention.

Module 3 (23 Minutes): The misperceptions of introversion, managing extroversion, image conscious communication, straightforward communicators, collaborative communication style and conversational leadership style.

Module 4 (12 Minutes): Options for responding, being responsive, offering your undivided attention, eliminating distractions and avoiding making others wrong.

Module 5 (24 Minutes): Dealing with an employee who is unwilling to change, dealing with a superior who is unwilling to change, 10 ways to give constructive feedback, reducing miscommunication and silence is not always golden.

Module 6 (20 Minutes): Are you drinking the poison, letting go, creating an atmosphere of healing, eliminating office politics and drama.

Module 7 (14 Minutes): Five primary conversational styles: demanding, angry, passive, social and analytical.

Module 8 (8 Minutes): Five primary causes of upsets: unfulfilled expectations that you create, that they create, undelivered communication, abandoned intentions and issues from the past.

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