Embracing Excellence

113 Minute Course - Broken Down Into Four Modules

This fabulous customer service seminar continues the journey to a service culture by focusing on employee authenticity and playing to their strengths. It offers examples of employees who did what the customer expected and then one thing more to exceed expectations and create customer advocacy. There is a powerful section on “self-management” and the things employees can do to enhance their personal and business lives. It finishes up with sections on how to build strong relationships (regardless of your industry, everyone is in the relationship business) and communicate effectively with everyone.  Certificates of Completion provided. The seminar is broken into four powerful sections:

Excellence – being outstanding or superior

Advocacy – to support or speak in favor of something

Relationships – based on behaviors & communication

Communication – to transmit a feeling or thought clearly

Here is What Clients Are Saying

We have hired Brad Worthley two years in a row for our staff retreats. He has received some of the highest evaluations of any speaker we have had! (Our staff numbers 88 people) He has helped us with customer service and an exceptional life and career. He is entertaining and thought provoking. He is clear in his presentation and motivating. We will work with him again in the future!. Thank you Brad!”

Regine Neiders, Ph.D., CEO - UBC - United Backcare

“On behalf of our Chapter Members, I wanted to thank you for speaking at our April Monthly Meeting at the World Forestry Center in Portland, OR. Your presentation on Exceeding Customer Expectations met with great reviews from our members. This was one of our highest rated meetings this year. Thank you so much for such a dynamic and fulfilling presentation.

Midge Dobbs, CMP, 2011/12President - Meeting Professionals International

“I have had nothing but positive feedback from Tenants and co-workers alike about your customer service seminar. It was an incredibly energizing seminar, and your ability to reach EVERYONE in the room on many different levels is what really made the difference for everyone. The presentation was engaging and interesting, and I was thrilled that for two straight hours everyone stayed focused. In my seven years at PIER 39, I have not experienced such a positive and high level of excitement about a presentation—you reached our tenants and co-workers in two hours and presented information that we have been trying to present over many years, but this time everyone listened AND heard! The most overwhelming feedback has been that it was “the BEST seminar ever put on by PIER 39” and that what was presented was so helpful and easy to follow.”

Sina von Reitzenstein - VP Leasing, Pier 39, San Francisco, CA  

Highlights of the Course Curriculum (113 Minutes)

Module 1 (45 Minutes): Standing out from the crowd, uncommon teamwork, excellence is a choice, your organization cannot grow unless you do, authenticity, excellence requires self-management, excellence makes the customer feel valued and organizations of excellence are where employees have fun.

Module 2 (18 Minutes): Three levels of customer expectations, customers who are advocates, a repeat customer is not necessarily an advocate, how to build advocates and how advocates build your business.

Module 3 (18 Minutes): Its all about relationships, customer equity in the relationship, customer in-equity in the relationship, build relationships by expressing yourself with customers and making sure customers do not feel robbed of choice.

Module 4 (32 Minutes): Communication generates feelings, your behavior can communicate excellence, a presentation without demonstration is simply conversation, if the customer complains, plus communication do's and don'ts.

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